– Does your dog snap at other dogs or pull like a train on the lead? 

– Is firework season a real nightmare for him? 

– Does he seem really uncooperative when you try to groom him?

– Do you have a cat who is excessively timid or lashes out when picked up?

– Does your rabbit bite?

If so, TTouch could help!

Tellington TTouch® is a gentle and innovative teaching method for animals, which incorporates hands-on bodywork and groundwork exercises to help improve balance and co-ordination.

Unlike traditional training methods, TTouch looks at your pet in the round, and rather than focussing on the “problem” behaviour, we focus on how to help your pet be a more relaxed, calm, focussed animal, which often means that those problem behaviours disappear as your pet has a more relaxed outlook on life.


Just as we, as humans, develop less than perfect posture and have areas where we carry tension (eg tight shoulders), so too do our pets. Your dog may have a really tight tail or might carry his head quite high indicating tension in the neck. He might carry tension in his muzzle and bark excessively.  These patterns of tension and blocked awareness of certain areas of the body can create stress elsewhere in the body, and can affect the animal’s posture, general wellbeing and behaviour.

Other signs of tension areas in your animal may include a change in fur texture (eg a curly area in an otherwise straight coat), a patch where there is dry skin, and those big skin twitches when the fur is lightly stroked.

TTouch helps the animal to release tension and to improve its balance, co-ordination and posture, all of which influence behaviour: as posture improves, so does behaviour, and many owners find that unwanted behaviours diminish with the use of TTouch. The animal becomes calmer and more focussed, and learns to respond, rather than react, to situations. See here for testimonials.

Some of the exercises we do in TTouch can seem a little different to typical animal training techniques, as they do not necessarily directly address specific training or behavioural issues, but by teaching the animal to have better balance and coordination, more self-awareness, and to be able to self-calm, we are giving it transferrable skills which it can then take into its wider life.

What can TTouch help with?

TTouch can help with issues such as inappropriate aggression, fear of thunder/fireworks, fear of the vet or being groomed, nervousness of new situations, lack of focus, over-grooming, pulling on the lead, training issues and general wellbeing. It is a great way of strengthening the owner-animal bond as the animal really learns to trust their owner on a deep level.

Who is it for?

Tellington TTouch is being used by pet owners and professionals alike – it is used in rescue centres (incl Battersea Dogs and Cats Home) to help rehabilitate animals prior to rehoming. It is used in conjunction with other supportive treatments (eg hydrotherapy) to help animals recovering from spinal or neurological injuries. The basic TTouches are easy to learn under the guidance of a practitioner and can be used on all your animals on an ongoing basis. Because TTouch is so gentle it can be used on puppies and kittens as well as ageing pets.

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