The Cat
I love my mom and all that,
Then one day she brought home the cat.
Around her he purrs, he’s as sweet as can be,
But when she’s not in sight he just hisses at me.
I have tried to tell my mom that…
She’s been fooled by this mean nasty cat.
But she scratches his ear
She refuses to hear
That he’s anything less than a dear!
He lies on her lap and she tickles his tummy,
He looks over at me and he mouths the word “dummy,”
She holds him and kisses him and squeezes him tight,
While I’m nursing the scratches from our latest fight.
It’s lobster, and chicken, and tuna he’s fed,
He’s determined that his litter box is my bed.
I’ve said to my mom that it’s me or the cat
I’m sorry but you’ll have to choose.
My mom looked at me, then my mom looked at him
and said sorry son this time you lose.

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