It was the night before Christmas, and in the farmers old shed,
All the animals were gathered around old sheepdog Ned.
“Please tell us a story” bleated the small flock of sheep,
Who were desperately trying to not fall asleep.

Old Ned looked at his friends, all eager to hear,
The wonderful tale he told every year!
The big dairy cows lay down in the hay,
Waiting to hear what the old dog would say.

So clearing his throat, his memory so clear,
He started his story so precious and dear!
“On a cold winters night, in the snow and the dark,
A little dog huddled, unable to bark.

He’d been put in a box, along with his brother,
and taken away fro his warm lovong mother.
His humans had put the both out in the cold,
Eyes barely open, only just 10 days old!

The box was soon covered, with snow oh so white,
So they lay close together to get through the night.

But soon the pup knew that the one by his side,
just couldn’t go on, and had quietly died!
“Ok no” squawked the little chicks, all full of dread,
“Soosh” said the Cockerel, “just listen to Ned!”

“The pup” Ned continued, was so hungry and cold,
But he remembered the humans saying he was going to be bold!

With eyes newly open, the pup pushed at the box,
And slowly but surely, the box started to squash!
So now he was free, and could see a faint light,
Away in the distance shining out in the night.

On tiny wee paws,to the light he was drawn,
His heart pumping bravely, a true collie had been born!
The snow it grew deeper, and he strugled in fear,
But the light it drew closer, he just had to get there!

But though his heart was so strong, his little body grew tired,
He just couldn’t go on, all breath was expired!
He lay in the snow, a deep sleep soon to come,
when he hear human voices, “Oh goodness, look mum”

With warm little hands, the child picked him up,
And held in her arms, she soon warmed the small pup.
“Please let me keep him, for I’m sure it was meant,
that this little pup has been heaven sent”

“So now you all know just how I got here,
and why its important I tell the tale every year!
For no animal should be put out to die all alone,
remember those less fortunate and give them a home!

“But” said the little pup, what if you had died?
“Then my son, you’d not be here by my side.

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