To Edward Bear “Teddy” from Mum

I am not going to tell you what Teddy means to me………….I am going to tell Teddy.

You came into our lives like a tornado,
You were a non-stop gust of wind, never still
Life was just a game.

You have made me laugh, you are a clown-
Never serious.

You have this inner beauty others often do not see.
One minute you are playing the-the next your head is on my knee.

You have given me the ability to laugh at myself and accept
Who I am – and still you love me.
And I – well I love you more than I can say.

With you I can fly, I can go out into the world not seeing or
Caring what people think of me.
If I am ok in your eyes, I am ok.

We have ;learnt a lot together. I have had more fun
With you than I ever thought possible.

I think you have enjoyed training me as well – sometimes
I wonder who is training whom!

I don’t want to be your master – I want to be your friend.

After all


From Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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