Never leave your dog unattended in a car. The sun heats cars very quickly. If the sun is not a consideration, do keep in mind that dogs can be stolen from cars. Never allow your dog to have his head hang out of the window. Gravel or debris may fly into his eyes.

Keep in mind that dogs were not designed to have their heads exposed to air at speeds. Many dogs suffer injury to theirs noses and loose their scent abilities. Scenting abilities is vital for dogs more so as they get older and their eyes are not so good.Use a seat belt or cage/crate.

Like children ride with a safety restraint, dogs should too.Always carry water from your home. Avoid stomach upset from strange water sources by making certain your dog has a good supply of water.If travelling to an unfamiliar place make a travel ID with your ‘Mobil phone number’and include the hotel phone number. Always good to have a name and number of an emergency contact. If stopping at a hotel ask the reception for the phone number of the local vet.

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