Tips for traveling with your cat

If you plan on taking your cat on a trip with you, there are certain plans and preparations that need to be made. Following is a list of some of the things that you should do before traveling. Check with your veterinarian for more specific information.

– Be certain your cat is in good health. All foreign countries require current rabies and health certificates. Arrange with your veterinarian for a physical examination and necessary vaccinations and certificates.

– Starting a week or more before a car trip, take a few short rides with your cat to acquaint it with travel. If kitty only associates getting in the car with negative things, how can you expect him/her to look forward to it?

– Plan to keep control of your cat at all times, using a leash if possible. (A harness is better than a collar for a cat). Keep car windows closed far enough to prevent the cat from jumping out.

– Never leave your cat unattended in a closed car during hot weather. Heat builds rapidly in an enclosed space, resulting in heat stroke and death within a relatively short period of time.

– If motion sickness has been a problem, medication is available to prevent it and calm the cat. Always restrict food and water before traveling.

– While many motels and hotels welcome pets, you should check to be sure when making reservations. You may want to carry a covered litter box in the trunk of your car.

– Upon arrival, give food and water sparingly and offer plenty of understanding and affection.

David the Dogman
Author of David the Dogman’s A-Z Guide to Dogs ISBN 8489954089 also available via

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