Obedience training tends to be serious, most folks just want a dog to walk correctly and come when called. Training does not have to be serious and can be fun. Trick training can be more fun and often I will tell my clients to teach their pet a trick. Here are a few ideas, which should make more fun for both you and your dog.

Shake Hands
This is very popular, simply make the dog sit ask for the ‘Paw’ and tickle the leg in the hollow behind the paw. As soon as the dog moves the paw give him a treat. After a while the dog will do this on his own and then you should offer enthusiastic praise.

The extension shaking the paw is the wave, this time do not take the paw as the dog tries to touch your hand say ‘Wave’ in no time the dog will learn to wave the paw. By changing your hand from left to right the dog should wave the other paw.

Play Dead
When your dog is laying down gently roll him onto his side and quietly say dead. Make certain that the dog can see you. Do not walk out of his sight, otherwise he will lift his head. Keep saying in a soft tone ‘Dead’ stretch the word out deeeeaaaadddd. You will be amazed how easy this is provided you do this slowly. At first do this for a few seconds and release the dog, and each day extend the trick to a few more seconds. Always keep yourself in a position where the dog can always see you.

Good & Bad
This is a very good party trick. Offer you pet some food and say ‘Bad’ in a hard voice. If the dog tries to take the food from your hand, gently tap his nose. When he backs off quickly say in a soft voice ‘Good’ and offer the food. After a few minutes you will stand back and wait for you to say Good.
Or Bad…Good party trick.

Sit and Beg
Most dogs can sit and beg. First make your dog sit and hold a treat just above his nose. The closer you hold this the better then he will not jump up. As soon as the dog raises his front paws, give him a treat. This will not take long, provided you get your timing right.

Get your dog in a down. Stand in front of your dog and place your hand on his shoulder to prevent him getting up. Hold a nice treat in front of him and say ‘Crawl’ you dog should follow your moving hand. Again with this type of fun trick we only want him to move a few inches to get his reward.

Dancing Dogs.
Hold a nice treat above your dogs nose so that he has to stand on two paws. Make certain he cannot jump on you, you do this by walking away slowly so that he cannot lean on you. Say ‘ Dancy Dancy’ as the dog moves and
treat him.

Hide and Seek
Play with your dog and throw his favourite toy. Next time you throw the toy, hide his head so that he cannot see where you throw the toy.
Then release him and ask him ‘Where is it’ in a singy voice. After a while it is a good idea to put him in a sit and stay whilst you or a friend hide the toy. Then send him out and encourage him to seek by saying ‘Where is it’.

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