Why does my dog jump up on me?

Dogs often jump up on people, especially younger dogs. In the wild dogs are taught to jump up both as a playing mechanism, as a lesson in predator behaviour and as a means of challenging other pack members in the hierarchical scheme of things. You should discourage puppies from jumping up on you – it can be frightening for strangers and dangerous too. Simply shouting “NO” will not help and may excite a dog more. Body Block – As the dog makes to jump up at you, turn to the side and block the jump by placing your hip in the way. By doing this the dog doesn’t get a chance to get its paws on you. Once you have performed the block, and the dog has all its paws on the ground, squat down and give it attention and love. By associating attention with having all four paws on the ground, your puppy will stop jumping up on you.

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