Winter Of Life

Lord, he is old and weakened,
He walks where he used to run,
In his youth he was always a happy dog,
Now he sleeps his days away in the sun.
Please make his trail mostly level
As he travels these last few miles,
Provide shade away from the heat of day
Where he can stop and rest for awhile.
If it rains let the drops be gentle,
If it blows let the breeze be warm,
Let the winter of life be kind,
Provide shelter and keep him from harm.
Please Lord, if he must suffer,
Give the pain and hurting to me,
He has been thru lifes raging waters,
As only a mans dog can be.
He doesnt deserve to be hurting,
He has lived a hard and long time,
I hope as he leaves he’ll be knowing
Your love, as he has always known mine.
I raised him, Lord, from a puppy
We have followed some rough rocky trails,
Please Lord, Make this last trail gentle,
As he come to where love never fails.

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