10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

  1. 4 Boxer

    The Boxer, or just the boxer, is a representative of a large, stocky, and smooth-haired breed. Bred in Germany, it is widely known for its excellent guarding qualities. The boxer becomes an excellent companion and true friend for his owner. A bright temperament and at the same time an agreeable character and a strong nervous system - these features are most fully expressed in Boxers.

  2. The Labrador has many qualities for which he is loved: intelligence, ease of training and the ability to be an excellent companion. Labradors are sturdily built, strong dogs. They require moderate physical activity, but if not given the opportunity to shed energy or leave them alone, Labradors can exhibit destructive behavior.

  3. The Rottweiler is a born defender and reliable guard with a strong independent character. Clever, serious, and infinitely loyal to the owner. Rottweilers reach full physical and psychological maturity by two years. They require long walks in combination with active games and physical activity.

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