10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

  1. 7 Pug

    Pugs miraculously combine the charm of a small-sized dog with the courage of a true loyal dog. They are smart and strive for independence, so sometimes difficulties arise with training. However, these dogs love to learn something new, the main thing is not to show excessive persistence and rigidity. But if you have a pug, be sure - now you will not be bored!

  2. There is a misconception that the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever are related - but this is nothing more than a delusion. Sir Dudley Majorbanks, who later became known as Lord Tweedmouth, is, so to speak, the father of the Golden Retriever breed. It is said that the first dog named Nus, which he used as the basis for a breeding program, he acquired from a circus, and it was a Russian shepherd.

  3. The Cocker Spaniel is a gun hunting dog bred in the UK specifically to search for and climb under a shot of game birds. Barking loudly with or without reason is one of the favorite pastimes of cocker spaniels, so get some earplugs or train your own patience and endurance.
    English cockers do not like strangers, but they do not feel strong aggression towards them either, and they certainly will not bite anyone, so for an experienced burglar, it is a matter of several minutes for an experienced burglar to take out valuable things from the apartment in which the “Englishman” lives.

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