10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Malaysia

  1. Schnauzers are a common name for three dog breeds, whose homeland is Germany. Schnauzers are distinguished by size: miniature schnauzer, mittel schnauzer, giant schnauzer. In appearance, the listed breeds are absolutely similar, while their height ranges from 30 cm to 70 cm, their weight ranges from 4-8 kg to 35-47 kg.

  2. A very cheerful and cheerful breed. Sometimes the owner may think that a motor is hidden in his pet: the Spitz rarely sits quietly in place. He always runs somewhere, does something, and is always ready to play. Therefore, walking with this dog is rather a forced necessity - the Spitz needs the opportunity to at least partially throw out all his energy so that he does not accidentally destroy the house while playing.

  3. This small dog can be classified as Toy Dogs (decorative breeds), but by its nature, it is really a real terrier. Active, smart, loving to play, at the same time gets along well with cats, he will become a real joy for all seven - all this is about the Yorkshire Terrier. A distinctive feature of this breed is the most beautiful coat, even when trimmed!

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