10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Norway

  1. The Golden or Golden Retriever is considered a hunting dog breed, bred in England in the 19th century. For the first time, the breed standard was drawn up and entered into a special register in 1913. So it was once believed that the Goldens descended from Russian circus dogs. But thanks to the found records of the English Lord Tweedmouth, who was engaged in breeding the breed, it became possible to trace the entire pedigree of the dog.

  2. English Setters are soft, friendly, calm dogs that get along especially well with children. They are quiet and sensitive, love to both give and receive attention. These dogs are known for their ability to alert the owner, protect their family and territory, but quickly calm down when told about it. English Setters are very sociable dogs. They like the company of both humans and other dogs.

  3. King Charles Spaniel (or Cavalier Spaniel) is a cute and at the same time very active animal, which will suit absolutely everyone: active or elderly people, large families and singles. These pets are devoid of aggression and docile in everything. They will gladly adjust to the mood and wishes of their owner. Will follow the rhythm of his life. In England, they believe that these pets have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, allowing you to relieve stress from the body. Therefore, gentlemen are bought for both children and adults.

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