10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

  1. 7 Boxer

    Athletic and discreet, the Boxer is an expensive companion dog that loves the company. Bullenbeisers - this was the name of these dogs, which translated from German means "bullhounds". It was they who at the end of the nineteenth century served as the main basis for the creation of a new breed, which largely inherited their qualities and conquered the whole world in just a few decades. The name of this breed is the German Boxer. These dogs are not only excellent guards but also companions.

  2. 8 Poodle

    This sporting breed originated in Germany, where hunters used dogs to bring games out of the water. Initially, the fur of this breed was intended to protect the joints of dogs from cold water while hunting. Breeds come in 3 different sizes, coat color also varies but is always solid.

  3. The Rottweiler is an excellent service dog breed. There is a saying about them, "If you trained a German shepherd, you did nothing, and if a Rottweiler, then a lot." This speaks of a strong and complex temperament. "Butcher's dog" as it was called, bred for driving livestock, used in the economy, to guard the house. They also say about Rottweilers “a dog of one owner”, they can hardly stand a change of owners.

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