10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Ukraine

  1. Miniature pets are incredibly popular among the residents of our country due to their unpretentious disposition. These babies can accompany the owner throughout the day in a carrying bag or patiently wait at home from work. They are often bought for children when they dream of a dog because this particular breed will be the least troublesome.

  2. 5 Beagle

    The breed came to our area relatively recently but is gaining popularity at a cosmic speed. If in hunting regions it is used for its intended purpose, then in large cities this reckless jolly and eternal child, whose energy beats over the edge, is most often an ideal friend for adults and children.

  3. These golden beauties attract primarily with their luxurious appearance. You just want to hug them on a cold winter day and sit and have tea together.

    Among the obvious advantages of the breed is the absence of aggression, love for children, and for all family members. The dog lends itself well to training, participates in exhibitions and competitions, and always becomes a favorite of the family.

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