10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Ukraine

  1. A long body with short legs cannot be confused with any other breed. The Dachshund has taken root in our homes and has become an excellent companion dog, although it is considered a hunting dog.

    The inclinations of a hunter are really traced in the character when the baby is carried away by the smell he likes and rushes to him at full steam. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why dachshunds are often lost.

    However, they are smart dogs and many owners say that they can literally interact with their pets. Understanding and support are read in their eyes.

  2. A funny shaggy guy who spins under the feet of the owners all day. It is considered one of the best dogs for an apartment. She will forgive if the owner lingered somewhere and did not have time to take her out for a walk. The main thing is to provide her with a special room toilet.

  3. 9 Husky

    A popular breed among private house owners. Not many people dare to settle such a wolf cub in an apartment.

    These freedom-loving and active dogs need daily long walks and physical activity. If you do not give it to them, your property will be irreparably damaged. Husky will tear and throw, just to use his raging energy.

    Those who are not afraid of such features, and who dare to connect their lives with such a fluffy beast, receive a kind and affectionate friend in return.

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