10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in United Arab Emirates

  1. Traditionally, it is believed that the German Shepherd breed originated in 1899. In fact, this is only a clearly marked starting point, although similar dogs have existed before. Moreover, a professional military man named Max von Stephanitz, who is credited with this merit, simply bought his first pet at the exhibition. Subsequently, he standardized the breed and achieved a successful breeding program.

  2. Modern Cane Corso are descendants of gladiator dogs, they breathe natural strength and greatness. They look harsh, they can even inspire fear, but in fact, they become true friends for their masters and remain them throughout their lives. As the fourteenth breed bred in Italy, the Cane Corso is the pride and national treasure of this country. In the nature of the dogs, the selflessness of the shepherd and the courage of the fighting breeds are surprisingly intertwined, and the lively temperament of the Italians themselves is also reflected.

  3. These graceful and strong dogs were bred in Germany in the 1880s and bear the name of their "father" - the founder of the breed, Friedrich Karl Luis Dobermann. A tax collector and night policeman from the town of Apold once thought that it would be nice to go into service with a reliable four-legged protector, but among the breeds known to the Dobermann, they all had their drawbacks. His ideal dog was supposed to perform exclusively service tasks - no "hugs" with the owner, be frightening, but at the same time obey.

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