14 Interesting Facts About Mastiffs


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  1. These dogs pictured are NOT Tibetan Mastiffs…. they are chines crossbreeds that have no resemblance to the authentic breed that is the TM! Research befire making your ‘fact’ articles as you are misinforming a lot of people and ruining our breed!!!!!!

  2. It is unfortunate that none of the dogs pictured here are Tibetan Mastiffs. They are all ‘Chinese Mastiffs’ which have been crossbred for bulk/size/coat/wrinkles and have unfortunately created a series of dogs that are prone to all sorts of health and temperament issues and have rendered them totally unsuited to the original purpose of the Tibetan Mastiff as an agile, loyal guardian of family, property and livestock. Anyone interested in the breed should speak to their relevant breed club to get some useful information on the true Tibetan Mastiff Breed, their plus points (and their drawbacks!). Please be aware of these (usually very expensive) crosses as you could end up with a very poorly/unstable dog rather than a fit healthy dog that is fit for purpose and a true ambassador for the breed.

  3. What a shame! Not a single picture shows a Tibetan Mastiff! All these dogs are plain mixes, not a single one could survive in Tibet, not to talk about killing a lion.

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