16 Best Gifts For Basset Hound Owners

  1. A super cute blanket for Basset Hound lovers!

    Featuring the cutest Basset Hound with hearts design - this super soft and incredibly cute blanket is sure to become your all-time favorite!

    Made of microfiber fabric, available in two sizes - Medium and Large.

  2. Stay warm with your puppy love all winter long in this cutest shawl for dog lovers!

    Featuring the cutest dogs wearing spectacles design, including a Basset Hound, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier & Jack Russell Terrier. Wear this cutest shawl for dog lovers when you go out, at the office or when you go to bed!

    Made of a soft cashmere-feel fabric, which is also easy to clean. Measuring 6.5 feet x 2.3 feet.

  3. Breathe safe with your Basset Hound love in this super cute face mask for Basset Hound lovers!

    Wear when stepping outside to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, fumes, other airborne irritants, and non-oil based particles. 

    Made of soft cotton, this mask is lightweight, breathable, re-useable, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and quick to dry. Suitable for walking, cleaning, mowing, cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing, woodworking, and other outdoor activities.

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