16 Best Gifts for Bernese Mountain Dog Parents

  1. Berners are probably a bit too big to get under their owner’s feet, but with these socks, that’s exactly what will happen. Covered in an all-over doggy print, these socks feature the big furry friends in various poses to make any owner smile.

  2. With everything needed to create one complete dog, this kit is perfect for novices and experts alike. Containing wool, fiber, and needles, this kit also includes comprehensive instructions on how to turn the contents into a beautifully soft felted Bernese.

  3. For children aged 5 – 7, A Birth Day for Hannah is the beautiful story of a momma dog who gives birth to her first litter of puppies. Readers will be taken along through those first eight weeks as Hannah loves and nurtures her babies before they finally find their new forever homes.

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