16 Compulsive Gifts for St. Bernard Owners and Lovers

  1.  The personality of each Saint Bernard is truly captured in the unique design. This hand-painted frame with intricate detail is the perfect place to put your favorite picture. This frame features a Saint Bernard hugging the outside of the frame with its hind leg paws as the table topper to hold it up but is also enhanced with an easel back stand for added security.

  2. With its large head, Droopy ears, friendly manner, and a barrel hanging from its neck, there's no doubt that this is a St Bernard. This large mountain dog gets its name from the Hospice of grand-saint-Bernard in the Swiss Alps, where it was used by the monks as a Guard dog and a mountain rescue dog.

  3. Each mug is carefully packaged in a durable white gift box. They are guaranteed to arrive safely, and ready for gifting.

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