16 Funny Pugs That Are Here To Put A Smile On Our Face

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  1. I had a Frug for 7yr’s! I loved her more than anything in the world, well except for my parents! Unfortunately I had to go away for 16mths, n my friend n her mum kindly said they’d look after her whilst I was unable to! My friend knew How Much I Loved Peppa! She’ll of known I Would 1000% want her back when I came home! I was living in Widnes, but I’m originally from East Yorkshire! I’ve messaged Jess (my so called mate), she hasn’t replied once! I got no to E.Yorkshire in May n wrote a letter to her mum straight away! She’s Never Replied! I had Peppa from her been 10/12wks old n she had just turned 7yr’s old when I had to leave her for a 16months! Please Believe I Would Never Of Left Peppa with Anyone! I had No choice in the matter! My partner 71/2yr’s passes away last July, he’d gone away for a couple of months but was ok about Jess n her mum looking after her for us! Cos my partner died, Peppa will of thought that none of us wanted her or loved her Anymore! I missed her Every Single Day I was away, n it wasn’t threw choice, that I went away! I’ve got a picture of her as my screensaver, I Love the pic, But everytime I look at it, it reminds me of How Much I miss her! I’m Grateful for Jess n her mum taking Peppa in, but she’ll of known as soon as I was able I’d want her straight back! I’m going to message her once more if she doesn’t reply thus time! I will be going to Widnes and going to the house! I know Peppa will be just as excited to see me as I will to see her! She followed me every where, I couldn’t even go to the bloody loo without her sat watching me have a wee, lol! Plus for 21/2yr’s she slept on the sofa with me every night, she’d get snuggled under my arm with her head on my shoulder, but she sometimes snored, n I can’t stand it! For a small fog she certainly could Snore with the best of em! I’d have to nudge her cos snoring is one of my pet hates! I hope to get her back, even thou they’ve looked after her for nearly 17months, I’m Her Mum n 7years of been inseparable is Alot more than nearly 17months! I Love U All The World My Peppa Pew n I’m Coming for U Real Soon!! Sally x

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