16 Gifts for Jack Russell Terrier Lovers

  1. In cute Jack Russell design, this weathervane is perfect for any lover of the dog breed. Plus it’s made from high-quality British steel, and coated in high-density polyethylene to ensure durability and protection from the elements.  

  2. The distinct silhouette of the eager Jack Russell makes a charming clock for fans of this iconic breed.

    The instantly recognizable shape of the Jack Russell is immortalized in this fun wall clock, with the novelty movement of his tail wagging back and forth every second, which as all owners of this breed will know to be quite true to life!  

    The clock itself is made of black foam lux board, with nickel hands that are modern and stylish but offer a high contrast making a great statement piece within your décor.  

  3. The perfect notebook for a Jack Russel owner, this Alex Clark Jumping Jacks Small Spiral Notebook features a fun Jack Russel design on the front and a wallet on the back to store extra paper.

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