16 Super Schnauzer Gifts For Schnauzer Dog Lovers

  1. This mug had us rolling in laughter. The perfect mug for work that depicts how much we think about our dogs while we’re apart.

    The text on the front can be personalized to whatever wording suits you best. Perfect gift for the Schnauzer lover in your life.

  2. Many dogs across the UK love lounging in the Living Room with their humans. For many pampered pooches, they even have their very own place on the sofa. Or if they’re anything like our cheeky pair, move your feet, lose your seat.

    Help your recipient to mark their Schnauzers very own spot by purchasing this lovely personalized pillow. Available as a cover, or filled.

  3. Into building Lego? These Larcele sets are plenty of fun! They’re nano blocks, so not as easy to build as standard lego, but the outcome could certainly take a spot on the mantelpiece.

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