17 Reasons To Have A Dog At Home

Dogs have been scientifically proven to improve human life. If you already have a furry pet, you will immediately agree with this statement and will gladly read the evidence that dogs magically bring happiness to anyone’s life. And if you don’t have such an adorable pet yet, chances are you might want to have one. Because such sincerity and positiveness can not be found anywhere else, only dogs are capable of this!

  1. No matter how gloomy your mood is, it will sharply increase when playing with your beloved dog. Just 15 minutes of fun with your pet - and you already smile, all adversity has dissipated like smoke. Communication with your dog causes a decrease in stress and an increase in happiness. This is due to the active production of dopamine and serotonin in your brain, associated with pleasure and peace - all thanks to the fluffy miracle.

  2. For all people with blood pressure problems, communication with dogs is essential. By talking and petting your dog, you stabilize the cardiovascular system and keep your blood pressure normal.

  3. Babies who grow up with dogs are less prone to allergies and do not suffer from skin eczema. While cats can provoke these diseases.

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