20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia

  1. The Jack Russell Terrier is a cheerful, energetic dog with a great need to serve people. She feels best in the company of a person, completing the task. Digging for the Jack Russell Terrier is in the order of things, especially if he decides that his job is to rid your yard of rodents! The ability to hunt is imparted to these dogs as a result of selection and is their natural state. The hunting instinct combined with the high energy level makes training a must for this breed. To compete with Jack Russell in stubbornness is an empty matter, he will always come out the winner.

  2. Miniature Dachshund, of course, descended from their older relatives, which were bred in Germany to hunt burrowing animals. Hunters needed a smaller version of the dog so that it could crawl into the smallest passages and quickly dodge wild animals. In the 60s of the 19th century, under the leadership of cynologist Engelman, breeding work began to develop a new breed branch. The classic Dachshund was crossed with the Miniature Pinscher, but the result was not encouraging. The dogs were the right size, but they lost their hunting abilities.

  3. Looking at this dog, it is safe to say that it is strong and self-confident. Wide cheekbones, a powerful jaw, a stern look - the dog seems to be saying: "I'm not joked with." That's how it is, Pit Bulls are first-class protectors and bodyguards. They are great guards and sense danger a mile away. Such dogs can serve in the police, as they are distinguished by fearlessness, strength, and impressive appearance.

  4. Border Collies are very energetic and active animals: they have no equal in endurance. Such dogs "work for the sake of work" - they need almost round-the-clock activity. Not every owner will be able to provide this to his dog: crossing with a representative of a calmer breed will only be beneficial. Borders are the smartest dogs. It sounds unexpected, but highly intelligent animals are not suitable for every owner: such pets need special training to develop quick wits, a special approach.

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