20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

  1. 9 Poodle

    The Poodle is an elegant and cute dog, renowned for its unusual curly coat. Representatives of this breed have a lively character, cheerful disposition, and very intelligent. The poodle is one of the kindest and most obedient dogs. Possesses an outstanding mind, an outstanding sense of smell, hearing, and sight. Large and small dogs can be used for hunting, detective service, truffle hunting.

  2. French Bulldogs, despite their name, were bred in England. In the 19th century, breeders decided to create a companion dog breed that could be kept in an urban setting without much difficulty. Craftsmen, seamstresses, lacemakers did not miss the opportunity to acquire a mischievous pet, which pleased the owners with a light disposition and funny habits. To breed such a dog, breeders selected the smallest English bulldogs, crossed them with terriers, pugs. This is how the modern breed appeared.

  3. Dachshund is an example of an amazing contrast between a seemingly unremarkable appearance and the perfection of internal content. Originally bred as an assistant for burrow hunting, the dachshund has retained the best properties inherent in its ancestors - activity, intelligence, agility, fearlessness and independence to this day. However, it is great for home use.

  4. The Siberian Husky is one of the oldest dog breeds, serving people with faith and truth for many centuries. Husky has a cheerful, good-natured, and welcoming perception of people of all ages, a calm attitude towards strangers. These northern dogs are very understandable and open in communication.

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