20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Canada

  1. Border Collies are devoted clever people and incredible workaholics who openly despise a passive lifestyle and come to an indescribable delight from any activity associated with increased physical activity and energy consumption. The ancestors of modern borders were excellent shepherds, so the passion for orderliness is in the blood of these shaggy "managers". If there is no flock of sheep nearby, the border collie will graze any other living creatures, and only an exciting game can distract him from this activity.

  2. The Labradoodle is an intelligent and sociable dog that quickly earned high popularity in the USA and Australia. The hybrid breed was developed as a hypoallergenic guide dog by crossing a poodle and a Labrador retriever. The Labradoodle is an amazingly affectionate breed that has gotten the best from two-parent breeds: a lovely temperament from a Labrador, and a colorless coat from a poodle.

  3. 15 Beagle

    Beagle belongs to the hounds of dog breeds. This cheerful good-natured person will become a great friend: loving, patient, and, what is important, unpretentious in care. The Beagle constantly needs the company and therefore does not tolerate loneliness. Representatives of the breed are endowed with quick-wittedness and flexible intelligence - and all this is combined with stubbornness.

  4. 16 Pug

    The pug is an ancient and consistently popular breed throughout its history. It is a wonderful companion dog for city dwellers. Pugs are friendly towards family members, strangers, and other animals. Aggressive behavior is completely atypical for them.

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