20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Japan

  1. The Labrador is so widespread due to the surprisingly successful combination of external data and "working" qualities, which allow the breed to be not only companions in everyday life but also serve for the good of man. They regularly rank at the top of the “most loyal”, “most obedient”, “most industrious” dog ratings by professional breeders and ordinary owners.

  2. The Pomeranian is a tiny fidget with a pretty face, who cannot imagine life without active walks in the fresh air. The breed combines remarkable intelligence and temperamental character of large relatives. This teddy bear fearlessly rushes to your defense if it sees the enemy in a random passer-by. Despite loyalty and love, the Pomeranian will not sit at the owner's feet for a long time. For him, lying in the foliage and throwing out energy in an active game is much more interesting.

  3. 11 Maltese

    Maltese lapdogs are the darlings of French monarchs, glamorous ladies who ask for the cover of a glossy magazine. Even in the most severe times for dogs, these snow-white fluffies were groomed and pampered, which could not but affect their character. Deprived of the need to compete for a bowl of chowder, the Maltese evolved into reckless majors who do not care about any adversity. Never discouraged and slightly flighty lapdogs have turned into real psychotherapists who can cure the most prolonged depression.

  4. The Miniature Schnauzer is a versatile dog. He can be a hunter, a sensitive watchman, a strict customs officer, or he can simply light up your house with rays of joy and happiness. They say about this brave temperamental dog: "He is always in a good mood." His energy is manageable, and the zwerg retains his cheerful disposition even at a venerable age. He is a favorite of the family, enthusiastically taking part in collective holiday fun, shopping, going out into the countryside, always ready to keep company with his owners going for a jog or a bike ride, not averse to playing football. According to the FCI ranking, Miniature Schnauzers are among the ten most popular dogs on the planet.

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