20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Japan

  1. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a large dog in a small body. This characteristic is most often heard from the owners of these dogs. It's amazing how such a medium-sized animal contains so much love, cheerfulness, sociability, and devotion to man. And in terms of intelligence and intuition, the corgi will give odds to many recognized human assistants from among large service dogs. Excellent character, amazing artistic ability, charming appearance allowed the representatives of the breed to win love in many countries of the world. It is becoming more and more popular with us.

  2. 14 Pug

    The Pug is one of those breeds that, thanks to its characteristic appearance, is easily recognized even by those who do not consider themselves an expert in dog breeding. Of course, the modest size and special benevolence do not allow assigning the functions of a reliable guard to this pet, but as a loyal friend for the whole family and a source of positive emotions, the pug is ideal.

  3. The Jack Russell Terrier was previously famous for its working qualities as a burrowing dog, but few of the modern breeders systematically develop the hunting instincts inherent in the genes of these frisky babies. In the twentieth century, they turned into loyal and funny companions, real favorites of families who are used to spending their leisure time actively.

  4. The Shetland Sheepdog is a charming shepherd collie, better known among dog lovers in its long-haired incarnation. Moderately sporty, playful, and inquisitive, this cute creature does not require strict control and, due to its good-natured nature, gets along with everyone who does not try to put pressure on him with tough authority. Fluffy enchantresses are demanding only for one thing - regular and long walking, so either buy comfortable sneakers and put up with excursions in any weather or look after yourself a more passive pet.

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