20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Japan

  1. 17 Beagle

    The beagle instantly conquers with its remarkable charm. A dog's hazel eyes look directly into the soul, especially if the animal intends to beg a tidbit from you. The charming look of a fidget is in perfect harmony with his character, so do not expect meekness and calmness from the beagle. Despite the moderately short legs, the dog can develop high speed when chasing a pigeon or a neighbor's cat. Beagles are by nature very active. There is no better entertainment for this breed than a walk in a city park. Bring a frisbee or a tennis ball with you - and your dog's happiness will be unlimited.

  2. By the comical appearance of the miniature pinscher, you cannot say that this dog has pride and self-esteem. And don't be fooled by the similarity of the Miniature Pinscher to a soft fluffy toy: this is a wonderful, smart, and fearless companion that can be a real watchdog if the need arises.

  3. The French Bulldog is a small companion dog with a good-natured disposition. The pet needs constant communication with family members. These dogs are smart but stubborn, they quickly get bored with routine. The trainer will have to show ingenuity and patience. Pets do not need high physical activity. Regular walks and weight control are enough.

  4. Dachshunds are loyal dogs that get along well with children. Due to their elongated body, dachshunds are prone to diseases of the spine, so this breed is not suitable for people living in a house with stairs and steps. Long, bright, loud, devoted friend and muse of creative natures - it's all about her, about the dachshund.

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