25 Most Popular Dog Breeds in Greece

The Adorable Doggos of Greece: Top 25 Breeds

Greece is a country that loves dogs. From the busy streets of Athens to the idyllic islands of the Aegean, you’ll find furry friends everywhere. The Greeks have a special love for their four-legged companions, and it shows in the variety of breeds that can be found in the country. Here are the top 25 dog breeds that capture the hearts of the Greeks.

From Loyal Labradors to Spirited Shih Tzus, Meet Greece’s Furry Favorites!

Coming in at number one on the list is the Labrador Retriever. This breed is beloved in Greece for their loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate nature. They are popular as family dogs as well as sporting companions for those who enjoy hunting and fishing.

The second most popular breed in Greece is the German Shepherd. These dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature. They are often used as police or military dogs, but also make great family pets for those who have the time and energy to devote to their training and exercise needs.

Rounding out the top three is the Boxer. This breed is known for their playful, energetic nature and their love of people. They are often used as therapy dogs and make great companions for families with children. Other breeds that are popular in Greece include the Poodle, the French Bulldog, and the Yorkshire Terrier. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a furry friend in Greece that will steal your heart.

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