Are Dogs   Carnivores?

Actually dogs are omnivores. Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they must have meat in their diet. Dogs can manage without meat, and live on a vegetarian diet. I personally do not recommend this and highly recommend dried food, always go for the ‘Plus’ quality never the ‘Sports’ your dog is not a working dog.

Rats are very clever….if they eat something that makes them feel unwell, they will never eat it again. Makes them very difficult to poison. They also know which foods to eat when they have a deficiency. I believe a study was done where a group of rats were deprived of some essential part of their diet (can’t remember if it was a vitamin or Anamino acid, sorry) when presented with a variety of foods, the rats ‘knew’ which ones to eat to correct the deficiency. Now that’s smart!

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