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Dog Articles

The Sit & Stay

This is an exercise that can only be correctly taught if each stage is perfected before continuing on to the next stage. The training for this exercise should be started indoors, the dog on the lead and no distractions. Initially the handler should be kneeling on the... read more

Doggy Odor

If your dog has doggy odor there could be many causes. There are many solutions.Doggy odor can be caused by the dog rolling in decomposing organic material. It’s a favourite fragrance of most dogs, and is usually cured by a good bath.Doggy odor might be due to... read more

Feeding instructions

All pet foods are required to provide feeding directions on the label. The regulations suggest that the simple instructions showing the amount to feed in cups or weight to a given size of dog is provided conspicuously on every package of food. Unfortunately feeding... read more

Understanding Dogs

Many times in a week I am informed that a dog only understands German, French, Spanish, English etc. I find that many owners and some trainers have a misguided perception of what a dog really is and entertain false expectations of their pet. Most think their pet is a... read more

Dog Food Secrets

Dog foods do vary in quality. So do the companies that make the foods. To some companies quality is only a word. To others, it’s a way of life. Ultimately, the quality of a dog food is best measured by your dog. How your dog performs on the food, how he looks,... read more

Cat Articles

How to clean Cat URINE or FAECES

HOW TO CLEAN UP CAT URINE OR FAECES If you don’t clean it up thoroughly, the cat is likely to go again in the same spot. Smell prompts re-use.  Clean up when your cat is not in the room. It may otherwise think its marks gets your attention! Consider redecorating... read more

A Pet

A Pet A pet is a cuddly little thing, Joy and laughter it will bring. If your pet has way too much fur, Expect it to bark or maybe just purr. A pet could become a very close friend, Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send. It has the potential to cheer you up, Right... read more

What do our feline companions get up to?

What do our feline companions get up to? Ever wondered what your cat spends its time doing when you’re not around? Where do our purring pets go when they disappear through the cat flap? Armed with GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras, a team from BBC... read more

I came to have a peep

I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep. I could see that you were crying, You found it hard to sleep.I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear, “It’s me, I haven’t left you, I’m well, I’m fine, I’m... read more

Cats ages to humans

This Cat Age Conversion Chart will help you understand the physiological changes your cat encounters as she ages, as well as anticipate and forestall age-related health problems before they start.Please keep in mind that several factors will determine the comparative... read more

Dog Poems

Dad said, The dog wants a walk.

Walking the Dog Seems Like Fun To Me By Roger Stevens Dad said, The dog wants a walk. Mum said to Dad, It’s your turn Dad said, I always walk the dog. Mum said, Well I walked her this morning Dad said, She’s your dog – I didn’t want a dog in... read more


RILEY I thought about you earlier todaybut I didn’t understand why. I seeyour face when I look at her andeverytime I cry. I often find my self, calling heryour name. And I wish it were youevery time we play a game. You’ve helped my through some roughtimes, Lord,... read more

Thomas o’ Malley

Thomas o’ Malley Thomas o’ Malley is a ginger tabbywith sleek body that’s not flabbyHe was somehow, by persons unknown,discarded, but with us found a home.He has lazy green eyes and pink nosealways sitting in comfortable pose. Thomas is not just an... read more


A BIRTHDAY POEM FROM THE DOGAuthor unknown You feed me when I’m hungry,You keep water in my dish,You let me sleep on anything,Or in any place I wish. You sometimes let me lick your hands,Or even lick your face,Despite the fact I’ve licked myself,In every... read more

Treat me Kindly

TREAT ME KINDLY Treat me kindly, my beloved friend,For no heart in all the world is morerateful for kindness than the lovingheart of me. Do not break my spirit with a stick,For though I should lick your handbetween blows, your patience and understanding will more... read more

Cat Poems

This Old Cat

This Old Cat I’m getting on in years,My coat is turning gray.My eyes have lost their luster,My hearing’s just okay.I spend my day dreamingOf conquests in my past,Lying near a sunny windowWaiting for its warm repast. I remember our first visit,I was coming... read more

Poem for Cats

Poem For Cats And God asked the feline spiritAre you ready to come home?Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soulAnd, as a cat, you know I am most ableTo decide anything for myself. Are you coming then? asked God.Soon, replied the whiskered angelBut I must come... read more

A Lonely Cat

A Lonely Cat I wish someone would tell me what is it that I’ve done wrong.Why do I have to stay outside in the rain and be left alone so long?They seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a kitten.There were so many things we’d do while I was growing... read more

If it should be

If it should be that I grow weekand pain should keep me from my sleepthen you must do what must be doneThis last battle cannot be won You will be sad I understandDon’t let your grief then stay your handFor this day, more than the restyour love for me must stand... read more

Training your human

Training Your Human Training your human is a thankless task.“Why bother with it?”, some kittens may ask.The fate of the world is the issue at hand,as felines worldwide stake a claim for their land.Make no bones about it, we cats own the joint.We spray in... read more
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