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Denning is a Natural Instinct

Denning is a Natural Instinct.          Domestication of dogs is a fairly recent event in the history of canids on earth. Although wild canids have been around for millions of years, they have only spent a few thousand of those as our pets. As a result, they still... read more


TickTick is the common name for the small arachnids that, along with mites, constitute the order Acarina. Ticks are ectoparasites (external parasites), living by hematophagy on the blood of mammals, birds, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Ticks are important... read more

Teach Your Dog To Eliminate On Command

          If you plan to travel with your puppy, have rushed, hectic mornings  or simply don’t relish standing in the rain while the puppy takes his sweet time going potty, you should teach him to Eliminate on a word ‘Busy’.  Not only will it speed... read more

Clicker Training

Since things started the primary means of controlling dog behaviour has been with a collar, leash and the strength of the trainer’s hand. Most pet dog owners do not have the strength and skill required. Over the past 20 years a new form of dog training has... read more

Rottweillers raised correctly do not bite

Rottweillers raised correctly don’t bite Those who say Rottweillers are naturally mean are wrong. Rottweillers raised correctly don’t bite. The typical story we see is a dog is part of a family unit and a baby comes in and is seen as the interloper. The... read more


Dog Harnesses Harness the Full Potential of Canine Equipment A dog harness is piece of equipment for dogs, similar to harness tack for horses. There are various designs, depending on the type of use. Harnesses can be used on Seeing Eye dogs in assistance of a disabled... read more

Crate Training

Many people think this is cruel, as they would certainly not want to be locked in a crate (note that dog crate and dog cage are the same thing) for any length of time themselves. Well, this is not the case for dogs who are ‘den’ animals. Just look at where... read more


GroomingGrooming issues can arise for several reasons. The dog may have had a bad experience at a grooming parlour, may have been roughly handled as a pup, may be body sensitive due to injury or disease or may simply be unaccustomed to being touched over every part of... read more

Pet Rules

To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door – nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Please note, placing a paw print in the middle of my plate and food... read more


ASSISTANCE DOG ETIQUETTE The following information listed below are suggestions that Assistance Dogs For Living recommends when meeting or interacting with an Assistance Dog team in public. This same etiquette applies to Assistance Puppies in training. DO’S and... read more

Preventing dog bites

Preventing dog bites Every week in my book It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and while the issue might seem small to some, millions of people worldwide are bitten by dogs each year. And some require immediate medical attention even rabies shots to treat... read more

Police Dogs

This liaison set in motion the first positive effort to convince the Home Office and Police Forces throughout the UK of the true worth of a well-trained dog. With Darbyshire’s enthusiasm and idea’s and Simpson leadership and influence, the Surrey police... read more

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk So often in my classes I emphasis the importance of walking and talking to a dog.Dogs love it when you speak to them,you will find if you continually talk softly to your pet this will make your pet pay more attention to you and not stray far from you... read more

Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs Many blind, deaf, or physically disabled people rely on dogs for assistance. These dogs provide the perfect combination of companionship, obedience, usefulness and affection. They provide practical aide and help maintain an individual’s... read more

Quarantine Rules Changed

Quarantine Rules ChangedFrom 6 months to 21 days If intend to return to the UK from Spain with your pet you need to be aware of the changes to the UK pet entry rules that take effect on 1 January 2012. Pets now in quarantine Pet owners with pets entering quarantine... read more

Causes of destructive behaviour:

Causes of destructive behaviour:   Attention-seeking: Chews many different items.  Happy to see owner on return.  Doesn’t appear stressed.  The same behaviour can be observed when the owner is present.  If owners are asked  to totally ignore the dog, the dog... read more

Denning is Natural

Denning is a Natural Instinct.      Domestication of dogs is a fairly recent event in the history of canids on earth. Although wild canids have been around for millions of years, they have only spent a few thousand of those as our pets. As a result, they still retain... read more

Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety      Everyone needs a little time alone now and then unless of course you are a dog who suffers from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety exhibit behaviour problems when they’re left alone. Typically, they’ll have a... read more

Owning a dog in Spain

    Essential Animal Information for Pets in Spain An overview of the rules of pet ownership in Spain and what to do about an animal lost or found on the Costa Blanca.In this section:Owning a Dog or Cat in SpainAnimal Organisations in SpainRegulated Animals in Spain... read more


If you can start the day without caffein If you can get going without pep pills, If you can always be cheerful, ignoring people with your troubles, If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy... read more

Sand Flies (Leishmaniasis)

Sand Flies (Leishmaniasis)Your Pet Dog needs protection, otherwise it can be in serious danger Dogs that regularly travel abroad may be exposed to Leishmaniasis (also known as Kala-Azar) which is carried from dog-to-dog by a bite from a Sand Fly. The name ‘Sand... read more

Wendy Hilling to Canine Partners UK

Wendy Hilling to Canine Partners UKWendy HillingWho was born with no skin from the waist down.  She suffers terrible skin blisters.Her throat is smaller than a 5p piece  Wendy is partnered with a dog called Teddy. He can do over 200 tasks including dressing and... read more

Dangerous Dogs (Spanish Law)

Dangerous Dogs under Spanish Law It is important to point out that Royal Decree 287/2002 of March 22 which sets out the requirements to keep canine animals deemed to be potentially dangerous, thus complying with the norms contained in Act 50/1999. This page is... read more

Dog Bites by Val Bonney Australia

Val Bonney is a regular contributor to my Radio Shows. “WHO” OR “WHAT” IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DOG BITES”?. Who is responsible for the dog bites that are occurring? Is it the Dogs themselves? Is it the owners? Is it... read more

Why dogs bark

Who Needs a Man? If you want someone who will do anything to please you, get a dog. If you want someone who will bring you the newspaper without tearing through it first for the sports page, get a dog. If you want someone who’ll make a total fool of himself... read more

Group Hierachy

Group Hierachy I had a call for a gentleman that informed me he had put his Dobermann to  sleep due to illness, the dog was 12 years. Of course he was devastated. They have another four dogs. A few nights later they were in bed when they heard terrible fighting going... read more

Animal Shelters and Rescue

The two studies, conducted by Colorado State veterinary epidemiologist Dr. M.D. Salman and sponsored by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, reveal that moving and other lifestyle issues were the main reasons given by pet owners when surrendering... read more

Flea Prevention

Flea PreventionFleas are ugly, nasty parasites that are one of the most difficult critters to get rid of. Which is why, prevention – all year long, is necessary. Fleas are about ¼-inch long, are black/brown in colour, have no wings but do have long hind legs,... read more

Biting Puppies

Biting PuppiesNo matter how cute your new puppy may be, if he or she is chewing and biting on you, your family members and guests the puppy probably doesnt seem quite as cute. In fact, if the pups chewing and biting habits are not controlled, the puppy might actually... read more

Compare dog to Car

Ever thought about comparing a dog to a car?No I am not crazy. Get in car and put on your seat beltGo out with dog put on the leadPut the car in gear and drive at your speedWalk at your pace with your dogDrive fast in the carRun with your dogTraffic lights ahead at... read more

Shall I get a dog or a bitch?

Shall I get a dog or a bitch?     Whether to get a male or female dog is one of those questions that owners can agonize over. The situation can also be complicated by the number of dogs you own, as the wrong mix, or balance of sexes, can sometimes lead to a higher... read more

Reward vs Clicker Training

Reward vs Clicker Training Everyone who owns a dog wants it to be well behaved. But dogs don’t come to us knowing what ‘well behaved’ means in the human world. Therefore, it is up to us to teach them.But how do we train a dog to do what we want it to... read more


Dog Tricks Teaching your dog tricks is every dog owner’s dream, but you must start with basic obedience. Your dog should know the basic commands (sit, down, heel, stand, and come) before you attempt any type of trick training. Once you have these mastered, you... read more

Pooing in the House

Pooing in the House Dogs do everything in their lives by scent. In fact dogs do not use their eyes like humans, but that is a another subject.If your dog can smell poo odor in the house that means this is the place to poo. Your email indicates he can smell poo on the... read more

Worms & Symptoms

Worms & SymptomsAs a caring pet owner, you’ll know that worms come with the territory, so worming your pet is important. But why should you worm your pet regularly when they seem healthy? Well, even without showing obvious symptoms, a pet without an... read more

Choosing Food

Choosing the best food for our canine companion is one of the most difficult things to do. There are so many brands with so many claims: ‘balanced nutrition’; ‘high in protein’; ‘all natural’; and ‘fortified with vitamins and... read more

Group or Private Training

Group or Private TrainingOnce you have chosen your method of training, you then have to decide if you want to attend group classes or if you want to train your dog in private. I recommend group classes to enable your pet to socialize with other people and dogs. Group... read more

Dog Hair

Dog Hair The National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of dogs. This substance, called “amobacter caninii” has been linked with the following symptoms in females: Reluctance to cook, clean or... read more


ALL DOGS CAN BITE Personally I believe that all dogs can bite  but they do not really want to! Here are 10 top tips to prevent a dog biting you, or anyone else for that matter! 1.Read the dog body signals Licking, yawning, shaking as if wet. A dog will do these things... read more

Some dog quotes

Some dog quotes An extension of our popular, intermittent cat quotes feature, for those of us who love and appreciate man’s best friend. “If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater. . . suggest that he wear a tail.” – Fran... read more

Come when called

Training Puppies and Dogs to Come When Called A total recall–one that works no matter what, one that takes your breath away with its speed, cheerfulness and style, one reliable enough to attract a dog away from a group of other dogs or even save his... read more

Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies   As new plants and flowers burst into life this spring, so too do the symptoms of hay fever. But humans aren’t the only ones who suffer. Blooming plants, grasses and flowers can trigger allergic reactions called atopy in dogs and cats. The... read more

A Dog is not a human Hairy Baby

Anthropomorphism This is the word that is used when we believe dogs have the same feelings and emotions as humans and that they understand our language. A mistaken belief, of course. Dogs are not small, fur-clad human beings. They are canines. True, they are... read more

Diagnosed with a weak disc in her back

Q. My dachshund was diagnosed with a weak disc in her back. Is this a serious problem? A. Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) can be a serious problem. Discs in dog backs are very similar in construction to those in people. Several breeds such as dachshunds, basset... read more

Washing Dogs

Washing Dogs How many times have I heard someone say “Whenever I wash my dog he goes straight out and rolls in the garden and makes himself all dirty again.” What about the time when it has been raining and you now take the dog for a walk. What does he do?... read more

Breeds with Congenital Deafness

Dog Breeds With Reported Congenital Deafness* Akita Dogo Argentino Pit Bull Terrier American Bulldog English Bulldog Pointer American-Canadian Shepherd English Cocker Spaniel Presa Canario American Eskimo English Setter Puli American Staffordshire Terrier Foxhound... read more

Ear Infections

Ear infections   Ear infections are very common in dogs, although less so in cats. Two types are most often seen: otitis externa, infection of the external ear canal, and otitis media, infection of the middle ear. Although any dog or cat can get an ear infection, some... read more

Why Dogs Bury Bones

Why Dogs Bury Bones Wild relatives of the dog often bury their food. They may have killed an animal that is too big to eat all at once, or may have killed several animals when they were very plentiful. Wolves and fox will bury this food to preserve it and hopefully to... read more

Check your dogs ears

Have you noticed your dog shaking its head, scratching at its ears or holding its head a little funny? It probably has an ear infection or a foreign body inside the ear. Other times, ear problems can be more subtle. Next time you whisper a sweet nothing in your... read more

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