How many times have you been sat down, intent upon a programme or news bulletin on the television, when suddenly your arm is forced in the air by your dog wanting to be stroked?

In most cases, we respond immediately partly because if we don�t, we know the dog will persevere and interrupt our viewing and partly because we don�t want the dog to think that we do not want to show him any affection. If truth were known, we are flattered by the display of affection that the dog is showing us.

What is actually happening is; the dog has decided WHO is going to stroke him/her, WHEN they will get stroked and HOW LONG the interaction will go on for. If you called your dog over to you during the evening, it is quite impossible that you would get a look, a stretch and groan, but other than that, no response. You probably smile and take the view that you let sleeping dogs lie.

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