Cat Trivia
– A squint, technically called strabismus, is a positioning of the eyes so that they both look toward the nose. It’s fairly common in Siamese. Some people believe the squinting causes the cat to see double. The legend that accounts for the eye position of Siamese cats goes back to when they were charged with guarding a very valuable vase by temple priests. The cats watched the vase with such concentration that their eyes became, and stayed, crossed.

Ticking refers to when two or three bands of colour are visible on individual hairs. The best known ticked cat is the Abyssinian.

Himalayans tend to have larger litters than most other breeds. All have bright sapphire- blue eyes. They are loyal cats and will follow their owner around the house. The first American-bred Himalayan was born at the Harvard
Medical School in 1935.

Maine Coon cats often sleep in unusual places and make an equally unusual chirping sound. They are large cats weighing 15-20 pounds. They were bred for living and working on farms, so they need lots of territory.
All cats need some green matter now and then to aid their digestion and help them expel hair balls. That’s why you’ll see outdoor cats occasionally eating grass. Indoor cats also need some greenery. You can plant a tub of
grass for indoor cats or let them eat some of your plants.
The Munchkin is a new breed of cat. It’s often called the dachshund of cats because it has short legs. This kitten-like cat is descended from a black female named Blackberry from Louisiana.

Wild cats are found on most continents – but not on Australia. There have been some claims of sightings, but they have not been substantiated. Perhaps they’ve all been eaten by the dingoes?
Pregnancy-The length of a domestic cat’s pregnancy is normally 63 days. Some last 64-66 days and a few are
less than 64 days. Kittens born before day 56 rarely survive.

Cats with different colored eyes – one orange, one blue – appears only in white cats. These cats are usually pedigreed cats. Sometimes an odd-eyed cat is also deaf in the ear on the same side as the blue eye. This is the same in dogs.

Spring time all cats shed (moult). This occurs not in response to temperature, but to longer days. Cats will also shed if they are ill, aged, or under stress. Shedding cats should be brushed daily to help prevent the formation of hair balls.

– An Ailourphobe wouldn’t be reading this, as ailourphobes are people who hate cats. Famous cat haters include Adolph Hitler and Napoleon who was so terrified of cats he could be reduced to a quivering jelly by the presence of a small kitten.

The light reflecting layer at the back of a cat’s eyes which acts as a gatherer of any available light is named the
“tapetumlucidum.” Most cats’ eyes shine green or yellow. Some cats’ eyes shine red – these cats lack a tapetumlucidum. They see less well in the dark.

– It’s illegal to de claw a cat in England.

When a cat died in ancient Egypt, the owner’s family members shaved off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning.
Interesting, for the death of a family dog, they shaved off all their body hair.

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