Chihuahuas are actually really big dogs. Just as a miniature version. They have hearts like lions and sometimes impress with their self-confidence much more impressive conspecifics. Learn all about the Chihuahua dog breed here.

Chihuahuas are among the most popular pedigree dogs among dog lovers. Here you will find the most important information about Chihuahuas.

Size: 15-23 cm shoulder height
Weight: 1.5-3kg
Coat length: short and long-haired
Coat colors: great variety
Country of origin: Mexico

Origin of the Chihuahua

The ancestors of today’s breed come from the northern province of Chihuahua in Mexico. Pure breeding and breed status are credited to the United States. It was there that the breed’s triumphant campaign around the globe began – actually under the slogan “The Royal Toy of the Americas”. The established personalities are anything but toys for lifestyle icons. Chihuahuas are happy to just be dogs. They should be given the opportunity.

The appearance of the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas have a compact body shape and an apple-shaped head. The moderately long tail is carried high. Chihuahuas are also the smallest dogs in the world. Your ideal weight is between two and three kilograms.

Caution: Smaller specimens may suffer from dwarfing traits such as apple heads and prominent eyeballs. Some Chihuahuas also have a more or less pronounced fontanel – a circular opening in the skull that we know from infants. The smaller they are, the higher the probability of such abnormalities. One should avoid such extremes so that this unique breed can look healthy into a beautiful future.

Coat and colors of the Chihuahua

It doesn’t matter if Chihuahuas are long-haired or short-haired. Long-haired Chihuahuas have fine, silky hair that can be straight or wavy. Short-haired variants dress close-fitting, soft, shiny fur. The breed enchants its fans with a wonderful variety of colors.

Short-haired Chihuahuas are generally considered to be more confident and lively than their long-haired relatives. However, these have the advantage that they are easier to comb out. The short coat, on the other hand, is particularly stubborn when it comes to clinging to clothing and car seats. If you brush a long-haired “Chi” regularly, there is practically no problem with loose hair.

Temperament and upbringing of the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are as agile as a weasel. Her attentiveness is tireless – as is her liveliness, which always needs an outlet. And despite all their attachment, the little dogs amaze with their fearless courage. They are decidedly one-man or one-woman dogs. They do everything for their people and stand up for them with all the strength at their disposal. Just little daredevils.

However, one should keep in mind their tendency to bark. With a good upbringing, this can be easily managed. Otherwise, on many occasions, there is barking like hell. A disobedient, noisy Chihuahua is just as annoying to everyone involved as a larger bully.

Keeping and caring for the Chihuahua

Despite their pretensions, Chihuahuas are suitable for beginners. The smart guys are just great and easy to deal with, even if you don’t have much experience with dogs. Due to their body size, Chihuahuas can also be kept in a smaller apartment – provided they go out for a walk at least twice a day.

In addition, they are extremely keen to run and have a lot of stamina – simply heart-refreshing pick-me-ups. Anyone who gets involved with a Chihuahua will enjoy the lively and robust four-legged friends, who are anything but pure lap dogs. “Chis” are established personalities. Life is never boring with them. And they themselves do not like boredom. It is better not to keep them as a single dog, but at least in pairs – better still in a pack. Because otherwise, they have a hard time finding playmates that match their height.

Keeping and traveling with a Chihuahua are also problem-free. The manageable body size finds space in every living area or in the dog travel bag when it comes to the plane. In hotels, the little companions are very welcome guests in many places, who already make them happy at the reception.

Health Check for Chihuahuas:

The average life span of the Chihuahua is extremely long: 12 to 15 years are not uncommon. Extremely small representatives of the breed, weighing well under 2 kg, are often more prone to health problems. So-called “teacup dogs” sometimes show dwarfing features such as:

  • congenital hydrocephalus
  • strongly protruding eyes
  • unstable bones
  • disturbed blood sugar regulation

Their life expectancy is usually well below that of normal-sized Chihuahuas. Patellar luxation (PL) is more prevalent in this breed. As well as problems with the soft palate, a dry cornea with – resulting – increased tear flow, and eye diseases such as glaucoma.

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