AD (attention deficit)
ADX (attention deficit excellent)
ARB (ace refrigerator bandit)
BW (butt wagger)
BWX (butt wagger excellent)
CC (cat – courser)
CCX (cat – courser excellent)
CP (couch potato)
CPX (couch potato excellent)
CSX (counter surfer extrordanaire)
GFIY (go fetch it yourself)
HHP (House Hold Pet)
IDDI (I didn’t do it)
ILF (I like food)
ILLF (I like lots of food)
IWFF (I work for food)
LD (lap dog)
LDX (lap dog excellent)
LDX (Lick dog extrordanaire)
OWTH (Oh, What The Heck)
QOC (Queen of Castle)
TBF (thick but friendly)
TGS (terribly good snorer)
TGAN (terribly good at nothing)
TSIM (that seat is mine)
TTIM (that toy is mine)
UNCD (under the covers dog)
UNCDX (under the covers dog excellent )
WM (who me?)

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