Dog with Children

You are already a happy dog ​​owner, there is nothing to complain about. Your everyday life is ingrained and you get everything under one roof, even though it can be quite exhausting at times. Especially when you’re sick and still need to get out into the fresh air or a professional appointment lasts longer than expected and you can’t imagine that your four-legged friend has to pinch at home.

You also have to think about where to put the dog when you go shopping. But in general, you are doing well. And then there is family planning. How do you handle that, with a baby bump? And how will your dog get along with the offspring? What’s the smartest way to divide your attention between the two of them without tearing yourself apart? And how will it be with the toys that are suddenly lying around, which are for the baby and not for the dog? Are both allowed on the couch or are there a lot of bans from now on? These and many other questions will soon occupy you.

How Do I Teach My Dog ​​to Be Pregnant?

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Your dog already knows this. From where? He doesn’t need a positive pregnancy test – he senses that. It is not uncommon for dogs to also suffer from the symptoms, because a shared sorrow is halved. Therefore, it happens that in the first 3 or 4 months of pregnancy your emotionally enormously intelligent fur child also suffers from morning sickness. Some four-legged friends become particularly clingy and suddenly like to snuggle up to the mother-to-be’s belly and are generally extremely careful with mistresses.

A defensive instinct can also kick in here. Your dog will now pay special attention to you and the small bubble in your stomach. Your darling smells your hormonal change and is probably even ahead of your pregnancy test. Strange, because if you pay close attention to your dog’s impulses, you can feel like many dog ​​owners who report that their own dog literally packed them in cotton wool even before the positive pregnancy test. In some cases, otherwise rather wild fur children now carefully lead women down the stairs and even pick them up at the bed.

Which Prohibitions, Commands, and Orders Should I Practice Within the Next 9 Months?

You should definitely avoid giving your darling the feeling that he has now been written off. So there is, so to speak, no reason for jealousy. However, one thing is very clear: your dog has nothing to do with the baby’s toys! That should be forbidden. Commands such as “No”, “Off” etc. should definitely be correct. The “come” must also work, because you can’t leave the pram on a walk to catch your dog again.

What Changes for the Dog After Giving Birth?

A new family member is added. Your dog is the weakest member and needs to be protected. To let him know who the new member of your pack is, start by letting him sniff a baby onesie when you get back from the hospital. And you should definitely keep a child-free zone, i.e. your own small space for your dog.

Baby has no business here. Rest periods are also important for your dog, for whom it also means stress that a child is now fighting for his place a little. Most of the time the integration works very well, but if your dog recognizes the child as competition instead of a family member in need of protection, this is a serious problem. Therefore, the taboo zones must also be observed: Baby has no place in the four-legged friend’s dog zone and the dog, for example, has nothing to do with baby toys. However, it is then only fair to get the dog a new toy as well.

What Problems Can Your Four-Legged Friend Develop if He gets Less Attention?

Dogs are sensitive and smart. We should give that back to them as well. Your dog or Diene bitch will be able to adapt to you a bit. The animals notice very precisely whether you are fit or not. Enjoy your current position. You are the leader of the pack, your dog consciously defends you in order to also protect the growing offspring. So the small, new pack member is basically already accepted and integrated. Most four-legged friends even walk on the stroller, without a leash, and without a separate command. And woe, no one approaches the baby 🙂 When you come back from the hospital, it would be great if daddy brought the baby into the apartment and the mistress first greeted the dog extensively. Your darling missed you and now everything should continue as relaxed and normal as possible.

Are There Any Health Aspects That I Need to Consider in Relation to My Dog?

You’re pregnant. Not ill. Ideally, you will be fit for a long time and be able to walk the long walks with your sweetheart until the last quarter of your pregnancy. Some women even find this extremely relaxing. However, you should of course think about who can take care of your four-legged friend if you are really absent for a few days.

Especially immediately after the birth, you also need time to get back home, settle into your new everyday life, and get to know the little, new person who used to live in your belly. If you don’t have a partner or friend who can take care of the walks, there is now even a walkie service for little money. This keeps your dog busy and challenged.

When the baby is born and gets to crawling age, it will want to touch everything and put it in its mouth. But the child’s mouth and the dog’s mouth do not belong in the other sphere. In addition, children and dogs have never been left behind alone, not even to “just quickly” get something out of the car or something similar.

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