Enlist Professional Dog Groomers

All dogs require some grooming to stay healthy and happy. But your dog’s grooming needs depend on many factors, including breed, activities and environment. If your dog’s grooming leaves you feeling overwhelmed, it might be the right time to enlist the help of a professional groomer.

How do I evaluate potential grooming candidates?

Because they’re becoming widely used, locating a professional groomer is easy in most communities. Ask friends and your vet for recommendations. A pleased customer is a good sign.

How do I choose the right groomer for my dog?

Call the groomer and find out about policies and prices. Be prepared to wait to be called back. Groomers are very busy, so you may have to wait to ask questions until after closing time. Once you’ve called, stop in for a visit.
Look around the shop. Is it clean? Do the pets appear happy?

A good groomer is someone you’re comfortable leaving your pet with. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may concern you. The groomer should be patient and understanding. If they’re in a hurry to get your pet in the door or you out the door, consider looking elsewhere.

What happens at my dog’s grooming appointment?

Once you’ve chosen your groomer, schedule an appointment for your dog. Pets are dropped off at the groomers and picked up hours later. Make sure your pet wears identification, and ask if you need to bring your own kennel. It usually isn’t necessary, but some groomers prefer that pets arrive in carriers.

Be sure to let the groomer know what you want done. Some of the services typically offered:

Clipping and trimming
Nail trims
Anal gland expression
Ear cleaning or plucking

Leave the groomer with clear instructions and a number where you can be reached while your pet is in the salon.

Once you find a groomer you like and trust, you’ll enjoy a long relationship. They’ll look forward to seeing your dog, and your dog may even look forward to visiting them. You’ll get a break from the biggest grooming chores, and know your dog is in good hands.

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