Eurasier – Friendly Family Dog ​​with a Teddy Look

The Eurasier is an interesting choice for families looking for a warm, active, and cuddly everyday companion. The charming pedigree dog impresses with a balanced disposition, joy in exercise, and close family ties. A teddy bear to fall in love with!

Medium-sized family dog ​​to cuddle

The Eurasier is a modern breed of dog developed only in the last century. Unlike most of his relatives, he wasn’t bred to work, but to be a medium to the large-sized family dog. Until then, there were mainly small companion dogs – the Eurasier was intended to close this gap in the dog breeds. Samoyed genes, a medium-sized Nordic dog breed, were added to the parent breeds Chow-Chow and Wolfsspitz in the 1970s. The Eurasier was born and recognized as a breed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)! The friendly and attractive dog continues to win the hearts of families to this day.

Nature of the Eurasier

If you want to describe the Eurasier in one word, “balance” is the best. His character is confident, but at the same time calm and level-headed. He has a high threshold and is not easily angered. This trait is an invaluable asset in an active family household. Despite his inner calm, the sympathetic spitz is definitely not a bore! He is intelligent, alert, and docile. He eyed strangers critically and held himself back. Neither the tendency to aggression nor hunting instinct is typical for this dog breed. The Eurasier has only one great passion: his people. He is affectionate and is always happy about attention and affection. The Eurasier usually gets along well with other dogs.

Upbringing and attitude

The strong-character ancestors of the Eurasier suggest that the loving family dog ​​would like to be raised with respect and consistency. He loves his people and is always willing to do something with and for them. Nevertheless, it can happen that he questions commands and makes his own decisions. With calm, consistent leadership, the fluffy companion is easy to train. With daily exercise, the Eurasier shows its breed-typical balance. He enjoys activities but does not necessarily demand them. Because of its high level of intelligence, the dog requires a lot of variety – routine exercises bore it quickly. Subordination and games of skill, on the other hand, are exciting and meaningful activities for him.

Care of the Eurasier

The Eurasier has relatively high grooming requirements because they really do need to be brushed regularly, several times a week. If this is not done, knots form in the hair, which can only be removed painfully. The Eurasier should not be clipped. Despite regular grooming, the curly dog ​​will leave hair everywhere in the house. You should also be aware of this if you plan to get a Eurasier.

Characteristics and health

This young breed has so far been considered extremely robust. Frequent breed diseases are not known. Because the Eurasier is becoming more and more popular, there are many mixed breeds and “cheap” puppies on the market.

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