Don’t exercise a dog strenuously straight after feeding Always wait for a minimum of one hour otherwise it can be extremely dangerous and result in stomach torsion. This is when the stomach twists and gasses cannot escape. Unless prompt veterinary attention is sought this condition is nearly always fatal. Likewise do not feed your dog directly after exercise as stomach torsion can also result.

However gentle exercise after eating burns up more calories by raising the body’s rate of metabolism. It is better than allowing the dog to lie down to digest its food for while sleeping a pet will burn up a only a few calories keeping its heart and lungs going. This encourages weight and fat gain.

So it makes sense to take your dog for a walk of not more than a half-hour after the two meals of the day. This very gentle exercise will also stimulate its digestion. Then, after a few hours have passed, you can carry out a more demanding activity.

For smaller breeds, simply taking a dog outdoors to relieve itself gives a certain amount of exercise. This assists but does not cause defecation for a dog does not need exercise to loosen his bowels unless he is ill.

Taking a dog on a daily run is not necessarily in its best interest. Dogs should never be run on hard surfaces like pavements or paved roads but on earth and certainly should not be made to run behind you driving a car.  If you insist on having your dog jog with you then make the pace a fast walk or trot rather than a run but don�t do this in hot weather and always check the dog’s feet after a run for cuts and rawness.

Medium and large breeds should not be allowed excessive exercise until at least 18 months old and even then with caution. Often a weakness will remain dormant in young bones if they are not abused by extreme exercise. Throwing a ball in a park for an hour could bring on a problem. Dogs do not need as much exercise as many think.

A dog should never be allowed out alone. Even if it has a name tag or microchip.It is an offence in most European countries for it to be roaming on public streets or highways where it can still classified as a stray dog and impounded by the police or a dog warden.
Dog owners are legally responsible for any damage caused by their dog. If your dog causes a traffic accident you may well have to pay compensation for damaged vehicles or injured persons and this could be substantial.

No dog can ever be 100 per cent reliable when walking along a road off its lead. A sudden noise, a car back firing or the sight of a cat could cause the dog to bolt. Only luck will determine if the dog runs out in front of a car.
Don�t show off by walking you dog without a lead besides a busy road. A live dog on a lead is better than a dead one off it.

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