Here are some top tips for protecting your CATS
•    Give them somewhere to hide. Put a box in their favourite room so if they want to bury themselves away they can do it there, for added security you can put a blanket over it – but making sure they can get out if they want to.
•    If you need to lock them in a room then make sure its in a room that they are used to. Don’t put them in the upstairs box room if it’s not a place where they normally go. Make sure you put their litter tray in the room with them.
•    Don’t lock them away in a cage, it will panic them and could do more harm than good.
•    Most of all, as with all animals, don’t let them out as more animals go missing on fireworks night than any other.
•    Get a makeup brush and gently brush its whiskers back against its face and over the head to encourage the cat to blink. A happy cat will blink and will also run itself along the wall or around your legs or on your hands. Stroking the cat around the mouth and whiskers with a soft artists water colour brush or soft blusher brush can help the cat to feel more relaxed. It’s a little like encouraging a person to smile when they feel sad.

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