Fireworks might be one of the most exciting nights of the year for us, but spare a thought for all of the dogs and cats out there who will be quaking in their beds during the firework season.
•    Make sure that your dog isn’t hiding in an alcove in your house because it increases the noise!
•    Make sure that all of your curtains and windows are closed tightly so that none of the flashes make it through cracks. This will also dampen the noise.
•    Try playing soothing music, that has a constant rhythm without loud crescendos. It won’t be able to cover the noise of the fireworks but it can mask some of it, and help your dog feel calm.
•    If your dog wants to go and hide then the best thing to do is let them get on with it. But do make sure they’ve got a place to go and something like a pillow or blanket to put their head under if they need to.
•    Watch out for the early signs, salivating, panting, pacing, not settling and lots of eye movement.
•    If this is the first year that your dog is showing signs of fear of fireworks then it could be a sign of an underlying health problem and you should take them to your vet.
•    Try putting a t-shirt on them. Putting a T-Shirt on a dog gives them a sense of security, they can feel something all around them, almost like a hug! It will also give them something else to focus on, and thus take their mind of the fireworks.
•    If your dog is very tense then you can try some body work techniques to try and calm them. Dogs hold their stress in their hind quarters so gently stroking that area and doing light touches is a great way to relax them. Stroking their ears from the base to the tip and rubbing the tips in a circular motion can also be very calming.

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