Food  tinned.
The profits to be made from selling tinned pet foods are highlighted by the immense sums spent by some manufacturers on advertising their products: to humans. When the water or moisture content can be as high as 85%, this makes a tin of dog food the most expensive way of buying water in the world.
The manufacturers rely a great deal on anthromorphism with their advertising, persuading humans  that dogs are going to like the taste of the many varieties available better than a good meal which has all the necessary ingredients to keep the dog healthy They ignore the fact that a dog�s taste buds are nowhere near so sensitive as those of a human.
A change in diet is often the cure for many behavioural problems. With around 90% of my consultations all I need to do is to change the diet from tinned food to dry meal to modify the problem. I rest my case: buy a bag of tin food, not a tin of water.

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