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What is the gestation period for dogs? Is there a general statement, even a guideline, or does it depend on various individual factors such as race, age, size, or weight? compiles the information.

The Gestation Period in Dogs

Unfortunately, the question “How long are dogs pregnant” cannot be answered unequivocally. In fact, there are a number of factors that play a role during pregnancy. The rule of thumb is about 58 to 68 days.

Bitches do not necessarily become pregnant immediately after mating. Rather, the male sperm can survive up to ten days before the female becomes pregnant. It is also important to consider when the bitch ovulates. If mating occurs close to ovulation, the bitch’s pregnancy will be correspondingly shorter. The overall constitution of the animal and previous pregnancies can also influence the gestation period in dogs.

A number of puppies with decisive!

If a bitch is expecting a large litter or many puppies, the pregnancy can sometimes be shortened by a few days. This is due to the greater effort than with a small throw.

The Course of Pregnancy

The course of pregnancy can be easily determined in advance with the help of the pregnancy calendar from Here only the date of the mating appointment is queried and you will then receive a very detailed and free plan for the course of the pregnancy. Optionally, the name of the father, the mother, and the breeder is entered. However, this data is absolutely irrelevant to the process.

Signs of Pregnancy

Not every pregnancy in dogs is wanted or planned by humans. This is not the only reason why you should always monitor your bitch in order to notice changes in behavior at an early stage. If it is a possible pregnancy, the following signs could appear within the first week or two:

  • The dog’s need for sleep increases
  • She suddenly enjoys extensive sunbathing
  • She is more cuddly than usual and always cuddles up to her pack
  • Your appetite is steadily increasing

Recognize Pseudopregnancy!

However, all these early signs of pregnancy in the bitch also appear in a false pregnancy. Only after about three weeks do dog owners have certainty as to whether it is a sham pregnancy or a real pregnancy. That is when the bitch starts to have a clear discharge. When in doubt, however, it is always advisable to have your animal examined by a veterinarian.

The Course of Pregnancy

  • Within the first three weeks, it is decided whether the bitch is pregnant or pseudopregnant
  • From about 21 days, glassy mucus comes out
  • Approximately 30 days after conception, a thick, milky discharge appears in the bitch’s vagina
  • As the disease progresses, the teats swell and the abdomen becomes fuller
  • The hair on the stomach is slowly falling out

Signs of Birth

  1. The bitch is becoming increasingly restless
  2. The compulsion to scratch sets in
  3. The bitch builds a camp and settles there
  4. She starts licking the vulva and there is excretion
  5. The dog begins to pant, her eyes become uncertain
  6. Frequent swallowing, trembling, and whimpering set in

Other indications of the forthcoming birth are a slight drop in temperature (from 38-39 degrees to around 37 degrees) and refusal of dog food. Ideally, the rectal temperature should be taken regularly before the upcoming birth, but at least every four to five hours.

The Right Dog Food During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is stressful for dogs too. It is all the more important to give the bitch the best possible supply of nutrients during this time. Above all, it needs energy and always a bowl of freshwater.

Ideally, a considered change of feed should not be carried out during pregnancy, as the bitch’s organism is already particularly challenged during this time. It would be more advisable to switch to the right dog food four weeks before mating.

Dog food during pregnancy

Anyone who is already feeding high-quality food with lots of nutrients is laying the first foundation for healthy puppies here. Dog food should not only taste good, but also provide more calories, protein, phosphorus, and calcium during pregnancy.

More Tips for Pregnant Bitches

Bitches need a relaxed environment during pregnancy. Therefore, the sporting activities should be reduced and the bitch should be given enough rest periods. In the near future, the dog bed will probably be the place that is most frequently visited. At the same time, future puppy owners should already think about the accommodation of their small four-legged friends.

Sufficient blankets, a whelping box and, if necessary, color codes should be purchased before the first day so that you are not surprised by the pregnancy.

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