As anyone with a cat can tell you, giving them medication, especially a particularly stubborn or obstinate one, can be a real chore. Following are a few “vet approved” methods for giving kitty what’s good for them!


First, try confining your cat in “the kitty burrito” (see below). Place the palm of your hand over the bridge of your cat’s nose, with your thumb and middle finger circling the muzzle and fitting behind each upper canine tooth.

Gently press the lips against her teeth to make the jaw drop. With your other hand, quickly poke the pill to the back of the tongue (putting the pill as far back in the mouth as possible). Hold her mouth closed and gently stroke the throat until you see kitty swallow. If she licks her nose, you’ll know that you’ve been successful. Another way to help make sure your cat swallows the pill is to startle her by gently blowing in her face.

For pills that have an undesirable odor or taste, try crushing the pill and putting it into an empty gel capsule. Some people get good results with a tiny dab of butter or baby food on the gel capsule. There are also “pillers” available from your veterinarian or pet supply store, which are long tools with a plunger you can use to insert the pill far back inside your cat’s mouth. Of course, you and kitty will probably need to experiment with a few different methods before settling on the way that works the best for you and for her.


Using the syringe provided with the medication, gently put the end of the syringe inside your cat’s mouth at one of the corners, and squirt the liquid in her mouth. You may need to do this several times depending upon the amount of medication you need to give her. If you give her too much at one time, she’ll just spit it out or her tongue will reflexively push the excess amount out. For very obstinate cats, you might try “sitting” on her – straddling her gently with her back wedged firmly between your thighs, while using your left hand to open her mouth and your right hand to insert the syringe and medication.


An important technique for excitable, violent, or stubborn cats to get them to take medication they don’t want is what some vets affectionately refer to as “the kitty burrito.” This simply consists of wrapping a towel, blanket, or other large cloth around kitty’s torso, leaving only the head exposed, so that they’re trussed up like a little mummy or a burrito (it’s very valuable to have an assistant when doing this). This gives you the distinct advantage of having four of kitty’s dangerous bits safely encased out of harms way while also giving you a firm grip on your agile feline. Of course, always take great care to not injure your cat while doing any of this!

As with anything, time and trial can work wonders. Personal experience has shown that even the most obstinate of cats can be given regular doses of medication by a determined caretaker. Of course, a few well-placed kitty treats or favorite food afterwards will work wonders for earning your cat’s forgiveness!

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