Goodbye Old Friend

Short stubby legs
An ankle biter
Nipping at your heals
Exited bouncing
A noisy welcome
Happiness she feels
Pulling all the way
Walking on the lead
Heckles up for greetings
Always picking fights
With bigger dogs
Hopeless at new meetings

Reach to pet her
Hand outstretched
She covers you with slobber
Proudly protects
She listens carefully
She can�t miss a robber

Getting old
The bones now ache
(not the ones she’s chewing)
Gulps her food
She won�t miss out
Then occasionally spewing

A new friend comes
he chases her
Feeling younger now
They run around
They share in games
Just not in morning chow

Her old eyes reflect
A happy life
In a family home
A heart still young
But the legs are tired
No longer able to roam

And now she’s gone
There�s no more whining
No rubbing her soft ear
I can�t touch her
And can�t smell her
But it still feels like she�s here

Goodbye old friend

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