Start grooming as early as possible. Check and handle the ears, eyes, teeth, and nails. All dogs need grooming, some more than others. Generally, the longer the hair the more frequently the grooming will be required.

It is important that you introduce the brush and comb as a pleasant experience whilst the dog is still a puppy. Even though not a lot of grooming will be required, the consequence of this will result in a young adolescent dog seeing the brush and comb as unpleasant, this will make grooming a struggle for you. It is important that you groom frequently for short periods whilst the dog is young.

The worst thing you can do is to only think about grooming when the dog becomes knotted and tangled, or its fur is clogged with dried mud. If you have a dog with badly knotted fur the easiest way to get him to hate being groomed is to only introduce the brush and comb at this point. Badly knotted fur should only be dealt with by experts consult your vet.

Some breeds need to have their fur trimmed regularly, inquire if you are in any doubt. As rule dogs do not need regular bathing, even dog shampoo removes natural oils from the dogs coat; this can cause skin irritations and a dull coat. Ask your vet advice about nail cutting. The best way to keep your dogs nails in trim is to take lots of walks on hard surfaces.

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